Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hello to all,My name is Jewel am I am not a blogger, a twitter fan, nor a facebook fan. I have spent the majority of my time as a computer user for business purposes only. My daughter who attends Wharton at U of Penn loves to participate in all of the above. As for me, time is precious and leisure pursuits on the internet doesn't have a place in my schedule.

I have a military background in the air force, owned a social service agency for over 12 years, have been married for a good while and I don't like the outdoors. I am allergic to snow, shoveling snow, bad drivers, paying high heating bills, raking leaves, bees and did I mention I am allergic to snow? I think another allergy that is currently coming on is the one to college writing. College writing is going to entail me putting thoughts into words coherently. Me being respectful of critiques, opinions and writing styles that I am not use to. I will try to leave my military experiences out of my writing experiences.